Eight Ways a Steel Channel Can Often Be Used

Eight Ways a Steel Channel Can Often Be Used

  22 Mar 2019

Steel channel is one of the versatile products which is available in different sizes and thickness. The cross-section of this channel is in the shape of C, having a straight back with 2 perpendicular extensions both on the bottom and top.

Some types of surplus steel channel add short lips inward-facing at the end of its extensions, that makes its structure more rigid, and similar to tubing of rectangular steel.

Steel channel is used in many ways mostly for structural use, and following are few common examples:

  • Walls

Steel channels are often used for building walls for garages, workshops, warehouses etc. In comparison with wood stud, steel channels can easily support much greater weight and are more rigid.

Steel channel is little difficult to install due to welding, riveting or bolting needed.

  • Pole barn walls

In order to form walls steel channel is used in the pole barns, where it will run horizontally from one pole to the other pole for providing an attachment point to siding on exterior, that is mostly sheet metal.

  • Roof

Any light-duty roofs, can be made with steel channel as rafters, that runs from the roof to the ridge, and they offer support for roof deck. Instead of using wood rafters steel channel is preferable as the rafters will be small and light, and yet will support the same weight.

  • Door and window frames

For creating secure frames meant for doors and windows in both metal or wooden frame buildings, steel channel may also be used. 4 pieces will be cut with miter jointing on each end, keeping the channel slides on the wall side in the door or window opening.

  • Wood beam supports

If any extra strength is required in any wood-framed building, by using steel channel it will increase the strength and rigidity of wooden beams. Also, by placing wood beams inside the large steel channel, it will offer extra strength.

  • Vehicle frames

You can find steel channel for constructing the frames meant for vehicles, and is particularly formed for any special function. You can find heavy-duty steel channel in the rails of main frame running from front of any vehicle to its back.

  • Trailers

Often steel channels are used for constructing trailers, that includes flatbed trailers, or box trailers, and sometime even RVs and travel trailers.

  • Metal buildings

Often you can find use steel channel in conjunction with any I-beams or any other steel products for building industrial and commercial buildings, e.g. warehouses.