Great and Essential Opportunities for Essential Options

Great and Essential Opportunities for Essential Options

  06 Nov 2018

Ensemble is a rapid development and integration platform that combines business process management with information management capabilities, workflows, and composite application creation. This merger enables analysts and developers to collaborate to accelerate the modeling, integration, automation, execution, and monitoring of business processes, such as patient admission to a hospital or processing a mortgage application.

Ensemble includes a rich graphical editor for:

  • Create process and information flow diagrams.
  • Include business rules and human workflow tasks in composite applications.
  • Specify logical interactions between applications and services without lower-level concerns about interfaces, adapters, or middleware mechanisms.
  • Automatic generation of executable code for the business process.
  • As a result, application development and deployment is faster, better matches business needs, and can be reconfigured quickly as business processes change.


BPM software is a part of the Ensemble integrated platform that is used to connect people, processes, data, and applications within and across organizations. The following is a sample of the Business Process Management (BPM) features and features that make Ensemble the best platform for agile and connected application development:

Business Process Orchestration

Graphical modeling allows developers and business analysts to focus on integration and processes rather than technology. Set generates executable code from the template.

Developers can define business logic with these graphical models, XML documents, or code. The ability to mix these tools as desired allows your organization to efficiently meet a wide range of requirements.

Business Rules Engine

Business analysts and help desk agents can quickly change the behavior of existing business processes through easy-to-edit rules, rather than using programming.The rules are separate from the business logic and can be reused and modified easily.

Flexible workflow engine

  • Integrate manual processes into automated processes.
  • Separation of user-based process definitions from business logic for simpler and more reliable development.
  • Composite application development and service creation
  • Creation, deployment and integration of services in several business processes.
  • Exploit existing application features as reusable services within composite applications Together to expose them to external applications.

Activity tracking

  • Monitor the activity and condition of the entire system and key performance indicators.
  • Analyze traffic passing through Ensemble to provide business intelligence and real-time event processing.
  • Graphical dashboards allow for appropriate and timely management decisions.
  • End-to-end management
  • Diagnose and quickly debug problems during development and production operations with Visual Trace.
  • Real-time visibility into business processes, as well as system performance.

There are strong trends in the company to reinforce the power of influence of each individual on the organization of work: social interactions, cloud computing, mobility and Big Data are the most important of these vectors. Software publishers who aspire to play a role in the digital transformation of the company must use these strengths to democratize their solutions. This is especially true in the area of ​​business process management, where the tools are too often accessible only to savvy techies.