Guide 101: Did You Know These Aspects About Sanitary Pumps?

Guide 101: Did You Know These Aspects About Sanitary Pumps?

  03 Apr 2019

For the uninitiated, sanitary pumps are used in a number of industries, right from food and beverage to chemical and pharmaceutical setups. The purpose of a sanitary pumps is all about transporting and pumping liquids and slurries, although in the practical word, the applications can be diverse. If yours is a company that deals in liquids and solutions in any form, you may need pumps and sanitary valves, and in this post, we are discussing some of the basic aspects that are worth knowing.

  • Options. There are four kinds of sanitary pumps that are typically used for different operations, of which centrifugal and positive displacement pumps are more commonly used in food processing industries.
  • When it comes to sanitary pumps, quality precedes everything else, and it is absolutely important to find a manufacturer who doesn’t compromise on that. The best sanitary pumps are manufactured in ISO certified plants. It is also important to check if the pumps are 3A & FDA compliant.


  • Various factors determine the pump you should choose. Besides the speed settings and flow rate, consider the liquids that will be pumped and the related viscosities, density, as well as, the temperature. How the sanitary pump will be used eventually determines the product that may work well for the purpose.
  • Check for replacement parts in advance. Even the best sanitary pumps may require repairs and replacement at some point, and it is wise to work with a manufacturer who has the parts handy and can help with repairs, as and when required.
  • Finally, we come down to pricing. Sanitary pumps are investments for the concerned industries, and it only makes sense to go for the best products that are available from known manufacturers. Nevertheless, the price is important, so get an estimate in advance. Some vendors do charge a tad more than others, but that’s often because they follow the compliance norms.

As with any industrial purchase, the time required for delivery and offer sales assistance are aspects that must be considered. Always work with a sanitary pump manufacturer that offers products in time and is quick with response. Since the need for sanitary pumps is inevitable in different industries, it is important to review the long-term use of these pumps before buying. You can also check online to find more on manufacturers and email them directly for brochures and estimates to take things further.