How to choose the industrial connection that best suits your needs?

How to choose the industrial connection that best suits your needs?

  20 Sep 2018

In the field of low pressure circuits the high number of applications has led to the development of a wide range of pneumatic and industrial fittings. This enormous diffusion has contributed to broaden the choice and at the same time to create a problem. The one related to the method of selection of the product that best suits your needs.

Evolution of the pneumatic fittings

The materials used for the fittings have always been brass and stainless steel. With the development of new alloys and surface treatment techniques performance has improved. For example, a fitting can be produced in stainless steel variants. Nickel plated brass has increased the number of applications in which these materials are used. Currently to the traditional fittings they have been developed different in technical polymer thus expanding the range of available solutions.Sealing materials have also been developed to meet the transport requirements of different fluids.

The gasket guarantees the tightness of the system and therefore it must be fully compatible with the transported fluid and the operating system environment. The wide choice of materials allows also in this caseexpanding the possibilities of use and improving performance especially in the long term. For details visit and let your knowledge of industrial plug connector up to date. Another aspect to consider is the connection with the other components of the. Each system has advantages and limits depending on the specific application. All these improvements have helped make the pneumatic fittings more efficient to meet the most stringent physical requirements and adapt to the most aggressive environments.

How to choose fittings?

By environment you mean not only the weather conditions in which the connection will be used but also the air quality, the ambient temperature, the spray of chemicals or the contact with them, the risk of electric shock, the particles, etc. Naturally sealing performance is another of the fundamental parameters to be taken into consideration. For compatibility reasons and to avoid damage to the fitting, it is essential to know perfectly the type of fluid transported especially if it is a liquid with additives.

Conclusion: The criteria to be taken

In choosing the product that best suits your needs each person is guided by preferences and acquired experience. However, there are universal rules that must be followed if you want to avoid making basic mistakes. In choosing a low pressure fitting there are aspects to consider, fitting is part of a set of components that as a whole give rise to a circuit. Pipes, valves, couplers, blowguns and other components must have the same properties as the fitting. Some areas of application or specific applications are governed by legal and operational rules. Directives and regulations of this type must be taken into account.