How to make your employees happy?

How to make your employees happy?

  11 Apr 2019

Employees are the driving forces of any company. Any organization head would wish their employees deliver the best always. However, it is equally important to understand that an employee would deliver best only when he/she is fully satisfied being a part of the company.  In short, making an employee happy becomes effortless when their needs are thoroughly addressed. To make things simpler on this matter, discussed below are some of the key aspects to make the employees happy.

Discuss the payouts

This is the most practical thing one should address for making an employee happy. After all, the ultimate aim behind all the effort someone puts is to earn. Even if someone joins a company to learn things, he/she aims finally to join a larger organization or start its endeavour based on the experience gained, simply to earn more. It is thus very important for an organization head to thoroughly understand the pulse of its employees regarding their expectations.

It is here to note that every employee should know it well about his importance for the company, or how much he/she deserves. Moreover, this should be discussed in a much candid and positive way, rather than typically diplomatic fashion. Through the process, one can ensure that an employee doesn’t remain in a dilemma whether the company could have increased its salary further.

Make them responsible and relaxed

It is important to understand that an employee working for your company is not a kid. Keeping an eye on them like an examination supervisor is the silliest thing that some of the company HRs do. There is no advantage a company can gain through this strategy; instead, it involves only negativities. Enquiring about the work progressed frequently or in an obsessed fashion either would make them do it in a hurry compromising the quality, or they won’t take you seriously.

In the later case, if you force, it creates a negative scenario. Hence, the positive approach would be to discuss them regarding the work, their role, and most importantly, making them feel responsible. Best recommendation would be to give a justified time limit, and full flexibility to work the way they would love. It would make them enjoy the work better and find the working environment relaxed.

Discuss the work quality positively

Work is the fundamental bridge between an employer and an employee. More the interest both sides show towards it better can be the bonding. It’s a bad culture where the employers don’t talk about the work with the employees. It is also a bad example where the employers desperately figure out negative aspects in the pursuit of pushing someone’s limit.

Rather, first, an employee should be encouraged for his/her good qualities. At the same time, they should be made realized about the areas where they can improve. Most importantly, talk about how such an improvement can be advantageous for them, and also the company they work at. This way one can feel naturally more encouraged about working harder at a company.