Importance of having a work-life balance

Importance of having a work-life balance

  03 Apr 2019

Work is the foremost virtue, and this statement could not be undermined in any case. The drive of an individual to work is one of the prominent reasons that vouch for their success and prosperity in the long run. However, the one thing that is often neglected in the line of work is personal life. More often than not, we tend to pay less attention to our personal lives when it comes to working.

The need for work-life balance

The workaholic trend is building up gradually and poses dominant threats to the psychological and physical health of a majority of the workforce all over the world in the long run. In the following discussion, we shall be exploring the significance of work-life balance for employers as well as their staff alongside reflecting on certain pointers that can help in accomplishing the same.

It has been evidenced by research that around 30% of the working population in the UK are unsatisfied at work. Employees are gradually valuing job satisfaction higher as compared to pay. This implies that employees accept the fact that the workplace is where they would spend a major part of their lives, and so they look for value and satisfaction with their jobs. Work-life balance resolves a major share of the problems that lead to dissatisfaction of employees with their jobs.

Significance of work-life balance for employers

Before looking into what you can do for providing the desired work-life balance, it is essential to reflect on the benefits that a business can derive from work-life balance for its employees. The satisfaction derived from a healthy work-life balance is bound to promote the subsequent outcomes such as improvement in productivity, higher staff retention, improved profitability, strengthened brand reputation and higher levels of employee engagement. It is a clear fact that investment in people helps in leveraging the maximum potential of a business’ workforce and ensuring the progress of the organization in the long run.

Impact of work-life balance on employees

The benefits of a healthy work-life balance for your business could be observed from the impacts rendered on employees. Employees who perceive a healthy balance in their life are less likely to fall ill and would be motivated to attend work without fail. The reduction of stress enables employees to focus more on their work and thus subsequently leads to higher productivity.

The management develops strong ties with employees by implementing policies and practices for healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, an organization which puts the needs of employees as its priorities is more likely to gain better reputation as a place to work at and the commitment of satisfied employees.

Some helpful measures to start off

After a reflection on the importance of work-life balance for you and your staff, it would be reasonable to focus on certain pointers which can help in achieving the desired work-life balance for your employees.

The first course of action should always be directed towards obtaining feedback from your employees regarding working hours, support for working parents or flexible scheduling.

Engage in discussions with employees regarding the importance and nature of work-life balance. This could be used as an opportunity for educating employees about the various resources for self-management so that they could be able to accomplish work-life balance.

The mere notion of work-life balance could vary from person to person and it has to be implemented on a two-pronged basis for benefitting the employees as well as the employer.