Machine Construction Represents the Engineering Technology

Machine Construction Represents the Engineering Technology

  14 Sep 2018

Heavy equipment use in the industry of engineering and construction has a history that is dating back to 1st century BC at least. The machine construction is not new and heavy machines were earlier pulled by humans and horses up to 19th century, while the engineering technology shows a steady progress after the 20th century. However, based on the application machine construction is classified into four categories:

Earthmoving Equipment

There are earth moving equipments in different types and they include motor graders, excavators, loaders, bull dozers, trenchers, and backhoes. All these machines help in shifting dirt in large amounts, dig landscape areas and foundations. In fact, the excavators are used commonly to cut brush in forests, dig trenches, dredge rivers, and demolish buildings.

Material handling equipment

The common most types of equipment for material handling include forklifts, cranes, hoists, and conveyors. The common use of cranes is not unknown that it is operated to lift and lower heavy materials in the construction sites and also helps in transporting to other areas. These are operated by cables in a series and are used frequently on engineering projects that need temporary structures. These forklifts may be used everywhere including the warehouses to retail stores and also the construction sites. In fact, the larger forklifts lift around 50 tons.

Construction equipment

Describing machines such as pavers, concrete mixers, stone crushers, heavy duty pumps, tunneling equipment, and road rollers are some of the construction equipments that are all inclusive in a broad term. The machines used for tunnel boring are referred to as moles and these are employed to vacate underground spaces, besides it also can bore through dirt, sand, and rock. The roller compactors and road rollers are engineering vehicles employed to make soil, concrete, or asphalt in a compact manner. These are required at the agricultural fields, construction sites, and waste landfills.

Engineering vehicles

The common vehicles employed at the construction sites are trailers, tankers, tippers and dumpers. They are designed specifically for tasks of civil engineering and it involves earth moving. Tip trucks are used for quarry operations and mining often as they are maneuverable and durable, while the dump trucks  are really different as their load is before the driver and not behind.

The equipments range from heavy to light and large to portable. There are heavy machines that handle lots of jobs and need few types of equipment. With the technology continuation, there may be exciting future changes that machines may come in all sizes and shapes.