Visa is denied, is it harder to study in the US?

Visa is denied, is it harder to study in the US?

  08 Jun 2019

Students who have recently gone to the United States to study sensitive majors will have a background check when they apply for a visa. Studying in the United States originally meant that there was an unknown risk, and this sense of uncertainty is now further strengthened. However, unless China and the United States really hit the bottom, the chances of a trade war having a major impact on studying in the United States in a short period of time are small. This is true regardless of the interests and thoughts of the US government or American universities.

After President Trump took office, he published many comments that were unfriendly to immigrants, but his new immigration reform proposal announced in May this year may reflect his true thoughts. This proposal will greatly divert immigration policy to legally well-educated and well-educated legal immigrants, propose a “point selection system”, propose a “building a US visa” plan, and welcome “extraordinary talents” and “professional and special skills people” (including outstanding students). ) Entering the United States, replacing the old bill based on “family immigrants.”

There were 363,341 Chinese students studying in the United States in 2018, accounting for 33.2% of the total number of international students in the United States. So many such high proportions of Chinese students may not be able to compete in China and the United States (relative to greater economic and political interests), but for the daily operations of universities and universities for two hundred years. The academic and educational concepts pursued will have a wide-ranging impact and even pose a huge threat. Therefore, universities have issued statements saying that they welcome Chinese students. Unless the China-US trade war has become a reckless war, unless the United States no longer cares about attracting the best talents from around the world, the China-US trade war will have little substantive impact on the Chinese studying in the United States.

However, it is not easy to apply for study abroad. Schools in the United States will not relax the application requirements. Therefore, you can seek help from a study agent. The study agent is not only helpful in applying for study, but also after you enter school. If you are expelled from an American university (also known as 被美国大学开除) and need to transfer to the United States urgently (also known as 美国紧急转学), or if you have special circumstances such as vaccination of foreign students (also known as 留学生疫苗接种), you can seek the help of overseas study agency.

In addition, if you have immigration plans, it may not be too easy. The immigration schedule will be longer and the requirements will be stricter. Therefore, you can apply for l1 visa (also known as l1签证), j1 visa (also known as j1签证), and you can consult a professional immigration lawyer (also known as 移民律师).