Why you need an immigration lawyer

Why you need an immigration lawyer

  27 Oct 2018

As we all know, the US immigration law is very complicated and changes from time to time.  It is very hard for people to completely understand it. Therefore, hiring an US immigration attorney is the key to successful immigration.

A good immigration attorney (also known as 移民律师) helps you prepare and process the application. Most of the application documents are lengthy and confusing. It is critical to have adequate documentation before applying to the USCIS and other government agencies. One of the advantages of hiring immigration lawyers is that lawyers can increase the chances of a case being approved with their extensive experience and expertise.

Immigration Lawyers will give advices from the beginning, provides clear and easy to understand explanations for the supporting documentation required for the application. Prepare a detailed and convincing cover letter to support the application, highlight the importance of the profession, and sort out your achievements, so that the Immigration Department believes that you are eligible. The documents after being organized by immigration lawyers will help the USCIS review the case and making the approval of the case relatively easy.

Most immigration applications require interviews at the USCIS, and adequate preparation will facilitate successful interviews. The Immigration Lawyers will guide you through the interviews, go through the key steps, remind you of the details of the interview, and teach you the necessary skills to deal with the immigration officer’s questions.

The immigration attorney will explain to you the relevant immigration laws and the rules that are appropriate for your case and provide legal assistance that is beneficial to your application.

Here are some specific examples that you can consult an immigration lawyer:

If the previous application was rejected. Experienced immigration attorneys can help you determine the seriousness of the problem and see if there is a way to solve it.

If you are applying for a visa or green card, future employers won’t sponsor you with immigration. You lawyer will help you find alternatives for example EB2 (also known as eb2 律师) or EB3

If you bring your family to the US, before you get a green card (also known as 绿卡), there is a child who will be 21 years old and cannot follow the immigration. You will want to ask a lawyer for help, to determine the quickest way to process the application.